A bit of poetry…

My life is shit…

And I live in a pit so deep that not even all the rope in the world could get me out of it.

I’m sick!

Sick of you, sick of me, sick of everyone I see!

Sick of all the lies…

Sick of all my pain…I’m sick of the world itself all that’s in it.

I hate!

I hate the truth which never sets you free.

I hate the words that you say to me.

I hate the way you make me feel..

I hate YOU!

But really, I just hate me..

I loath!

I loath the way you look at me.

The way you smile and comfort me.

I loath the way I dream of you.

I loath the way I cry for you.

I don’t have enough paper in the world to write the ways I hate and loath.

But I am sure that there is time for me to tell you all the ways in which I don’t.

There is no love without the pain.

There is no comfort without rain.

The rain that pours inside my soul.

The rain that washes it all.


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