Dirty Dancing

I had to grow up a bit to understand this movie that I hated as a child. Now , after so many years I finally understand the meaning of it and the beauty it has.
It is a great love story and a great lesson for all those out there that think that they are better than others. Maybe some are.. but in the end we are all humans and we are all equal. This is what it teaches us , it teaches us the power of will , the power of love and what you can do for the person you love. And it teaches us that not everybody means well and that not everybody is a good person. Some are mean , some are stupid ,some do things because they don’t realize what those things do to the people that love them. And some ..some are just ignorant and don’t want to see the beauty in the world around us.

I wish I could have understood this movie earlier, maybe I wouldn’t had made so many mistakes in my life, and maybe I wouldn’t have hurt the people I love.

Hope that all of you people out there that read this , and see this movie will understand it and cherish it as a great life story and lesson that it is.

Also I love this movie because of it’s great dancing. I am just very sorry that in our days dancing like that doesn’t come across on every street.

Watch the movie. Enjoy the movie.

Take care.


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